We approach programming through three tiers: Fun, Fascinating and In Your Face. We regularly add new events and adjust to the current social climate. The programs listed below rotate, for the most current events click HERE.  

Full Circle 

Natalie Patterson Presents: Full Circle- A monthly interview series. In a traditional interview style with a twist, one seemingly ordinary person is invited to answer 15 of life's biggest questions. The answers may surprise, inspire, encourage, and beg you to dig deeper into your own life. This is a WOMEN-ONLY event intended to create sacred space for women/girls to be filled up, encouraged and seen fully by each other. Each ticket is buy one and your bestie comes for FREE. 



Women Who Rock

Women Who Rock is a dinner party hosted by Natalie Patterson and Khalehla Rixon with one simple goal: to create a space for inspiring women to come together for food, conversation, and connection. 











The Refugee Project

Sister Support is committed to not only women and children in American but those in need. We have a heart for those suffering from the War on Syria. Over the course of 2017, we will dedicate a portion of our programming to raise funds in support of Syrian Refugees living in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. Proceeds will go to our community partner, Lighthouse Peace Initiative Corp, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the quality of life for the most vulnerable Syrians living in the Lebanon, Greece and Turkey. Their primary programs include medical, food, and educational aid as well as community support.  

Money Matters

Money Matters is an informational money talk for anyone interested in gaining further knowledge in financial planning for the future. This gathering is intended to provide support to anyone with the desire to learn how to make their money work for them.








Sister Supports

This program is based on the understanding that through collaboration many things can happen. This special program hand selects events to collaborate on, be it in our space or out in the world. We lend a hand.


Grow It

Grow It gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business through the use of our space, The Warehouse on Prime,  at a sliding scale rate. The budget varies depending on the needs of the individual.


Harts Desire Retreats

Harts Desire Retreats are wellness retreats utilizing equine and nutritional therapies, and integrated healthcare practices, which include Chiropractic, meridian balancing, and massage. The budget ranges from $350 to $1200 depending on the length of the retreat.


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Women Who Heal

On June 4th we are bringing together local women of color who work to heal and transform others. The intention is to celebrate, honor, and renew the commitment they make to holding space for others to grow and transform. We anticipate this first event will be followed by a series of four to six other gatherings throughout the year.