Sister Support is a non-profit organization which seeks to empower women, female entrepreneurs, and artists to realize their greatest potential. 

Our goal is to support the three basic needs of all women: the need to self-actualize, the need to leave a legacy, and the need to experience love. We aim to create a community of women committed to supporting and serving other women and children.


Sister Support's vision is that one day soon women and girls, without exception, live and work in environments that fully support them. 

The Board

Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford- Founder

For more than two decades, Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford has treated and nurtured thousands of individuals through her integrated wellness approaches. As patients reclaim their health, she coaches them on how to maintain their youthful vitality with practical guidance on nutrition, exercise and stress management. She is the author of Fit, Fun and Fabulous at Any Age which, along with its companion journal and cookbook, creates a lifestyle approach that reverses the biomarkers of aging.

Dr. Hartford, the president and founder of Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center in the Pittsburgh suburb of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, is also the founder of the philanthropically based Sister Support organization, which is dedicated to improving the lives of women through education, self-knowledge and sharing.

Dr. Hartford’s practice is based on balancing the five aspects of health: emotional, neurological, biochemical, bio- energetic, and spiritual. She has been an integrated healthcare practitioner since graduating from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in 1986. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978. She has logged thousands of postgraduate hours studying Chinese medicine, functional nutrition, and neurological repatterning, and tens of thousands of hours applying this knowledge to enhance patients’ lives. She has received numerous certifications in these techniques, including a Healthy Aging, Actual Age Certification.

Natalie Patterson

Natalie Patterson is a poet with the heart of a photographer. She is about capturing a moment.  In 2002, while seated on a beanbag in a crowded poetry venue Natalie felt the spark.  She had never shared one of her poems and even writing outside of a journal was new.  With a few poems, dedication and a bunch of passion Natalie went on to make the Los Angeles Slam team, get accepted to NACA and book a full college tour then opened a monthly poetry venue, The Siren Collective. Natalie soon began developing her own curriculum and her love of teaching emerged stronger than ever.  At the recommendation of a fellow poet, the legendary Stan Lathan asked her to facilitate a poetry based educational event, after a job well done, he followed with an offer to join the cast of Debbie Allan's Def Poetry ALL star show.

The spirit of contribution always extremely central to Natalie’s life work she continued to support the nations largest weekly poetry venue, Da’ Poetry Lounge (the venue she began in) nearly every week since 2003.  As a result of that commitment and dedication in 2010, she become the first female producer and host in the 16-year history. That same year, Natalie developed and facilitated innovative poetry programs for under-resourced youth as Director of Poetry for Collective Voices Foundation, teaching eight classes a week at five different schools.

In a series of fortunate events, Natalie left the familiar of Da Poetry Lounge after a decade to focus on building her own brand.  In January 2014, Natalie and her work were featured on the entire season of SoulPancake's "That's What She Said" web series. SoulPancake has over one million global subscribers, shooting Natalie from a local market into the world.  While the international success has given her a larger audience and platform, Natalie remains grounded in her goal to change the world one poem at a time. 

Natalie is currently keeping busy working on her first sound installation, writing for major brands like Sephora, teaching her private workshop, Reconnecting: Vulnerability and Integrity, in high school and college classrooms throughout the nation. She is Vice President of Sister Support.

Khalehla Rixon

Khalehla Rixon is a writer, producer living in Los Angeles, California. She attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for Dramatic Writing and Producing. While attending college in New York City, Khalehla also worked for ABC's The Revolution as a production assistant. 

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Khalehla began working for Match Creative, which was a digital creative and technology talent agency as a coordinator. While working full-time, Khalehla was also developing her writing and producing skills during her time as 1/2 of the female comedy duo behind Boy Drama Productions. Their sketch comedy has been featured on Buzzfeed, DailyMotion, and at Cinema Selects at SXSW. Khalehla is a copywriter at Works Advertising, where she writes tag lines for movie posters. Khalehla continues to produce web content while she develops her scripts. She has written two pilots and a screenplay that she hopes to take to festivals this fall.

Jaime Beatty

A seasoned problem solver with a passion for the arts and humanity, Jaime Beatty is the perfect storm of left-brain/right-brain – logical and analytical, yet warm, creative and compassionate. With 11+ years of digital marketing experience, Jaime delivers well-executed marketing programs that engage, inspire and move the needle.  Jaime currently directs the email marketing program for Soothe, a fast-growing on-demand massage service. She has also developed marketing programs for Scotts Miracle-Gro, an industry leader in the lawn and garden market, and UBM, leading producer of world-renowned fashion trade shows such as MAGIC and Coterie.  As a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a BS in Psychology, Jaime infuses discipline and passion into everything.

Living in Los Angeles as a Chillicothe, Ohio native, Jaime is unapologetically curious about the shared stories and experiences that make us uniquely human. To support and strengthen her hometown community, Jaime is currently developing a podcast, Life Beyond Paint Street, that explores the transitions in each of our lives that have helped to shape our identities.

Jaime also enjoys challenging herself daily – physically, mentally, and spiritually – as an amateur Muay Thai fighter. 

Angel Chung Cutno

Angel Chung Cutno, an educator, has been involved with non-profits for six years ranging from advocacy for North Korean refugees to youth involvement in Rotary International.  Her passion for empowering youth and connecting community; through speech, music, art, and service; have associated her with numerous groups around the world.  She looks forward to continue in being a part of the movement to unite women through words of encouragement and progressive action.

Dr. Nicole Amber Haggard

Dr. Nicole Amber Haggard is a research professor at Mount Saint Mary’s University, an all women school, in the Film, Media, and Social Justice program. She has spent the past fourteen years studying and contextualizing the intersection of race and gender in American culture and the media’s ability to impact society.
Dr. Haggard’s teaching style is based on a combination of self-actualization and unconscious bias. She believes, “If my student can learn more about themselves and their particular worldview through the eyes and ears of my classroom, then I have succeeded.”

Nicole brings this sentiment into her work outside of higher education. Through mission-vision consulting, cultural workshops, media diversity & inclusion training, and more, Nicole strives to bring out in her clients a deeper understanding of themselves, the greater purpose of their work, and their relationship to the world around them.

Astrid Carrillo

  • Secondary English Language Arts Instructor 2014 - current
  • Associated Student Body Leadership Instructor currently
  • School Site Council President, 2015 - current
  • ESBM Board Member 2016 - 2017 school year
  • Museum of Tolerance Berlin Summer Program 2016 Fellowship Recipient 
  • Girls Build LA - LA Fund Grant Recipient 2015 - 2016 school year
  • PTSA Teacher Representative 2015 - 2016 school year

Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez has a professional background in classical dance, athletic injury treatment and healing, peace activism, and science/engineering.

Veronica is a graduate of UCLA's School of Engineering. After volunteering with the MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement) and CEED (Center for Engineering Excellence and Diversity) programs for nearly a decade, she now enjoys dedicating herself in areas of service that involve foster care, women's support, and animal welfare.

Alongside her husband, Veronica works as a financial planner and coach, helping families and businesses become financially independent.


Community Partners